Gradual changes taking place as Canada ease up entry restriction

Some extended family members of Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residence may now be allowed entry into Canada as Canada ease up entry restrictions. This include close family relations such as parents, grandparents, dependent children, older children grandchildren, brothers, sisters and, common law relationship partners,

Canada is one of the favorite destinations for international students because of the high quality of education provided by Canadian Colleges and Universities. During the pandemic, international students were not allowed entry until but this restrictions has been changed. Starting October 20, 2020 international students who have applied and have been offered admission into a Canadian designated learning institution that has proven to have a COVID-19 readiness plan in place will be allowed entry if they have successfully applied and have been given their study visa

In addition to promoting family re-unification, the Canadian government may also allow entry to those who are seeking medical treatment for serious illnesses and other reasons that may need consideration on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.