This year may be your year to move to CANADA. Talk to a Licensed Canadian Immigration Expert.

MRS. aklamanu


"My daughter was refused a Canadian Student Visa in April 2019. This was very disheartening for us the parents because she was going to continue her education. I contacted a friend who introduced me to Mr. Stephen Awudi and gave us the assurance that he can assist us because of his experience in working in the immigration field. Truly, I contacted Stephen who assisted in putting together all the papers we need and by the grace of God our daughter has been given the Student Visa in December 2019 and she is at York University as I speak. I see Stephen as a very reliable person who is not greedy for money but genuinely willing and ready to help."

What You’ll Get During This  FREE CONSULTATION

You will talk to our Senior Consultant Stephen Awudi, who is a licensed regulated immigration consultant and an active member of ICCRC. Stephen has obtained all the required education and experience required by the laws of Canada to give legal immigration counsel and to represent clients during their visa and permit application. You will present your current information and you will be advised on all your options and if possible, the right path to take to come to Canada.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Prepare all your questions you would like to know and ask them during the call. Write the questions down since time is important and we would also make sure all your questions are answered

What Happens During the Call

You will first give a brief introduction about yourself. (Your age, work experience, education and other personal information). Stephen will now ask you a few questions in order to know your plans and tell you which way to go.

What Changes After the Call

After the call, Stephen will send you a report on what your chances are in coming or moving to Canada and the timeline you will need. He will also explain to you all the things you will need in order to make this dream come true.

Stephen Awudi, RCIC, B.A.

Stephen Awudi holds a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Accounting and Finance with honors from the University of Derby in the UK. He later obtained an Immigration Consulting Diploma from Ashton College in British Columbia-Canada and preceded to pass the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Body Entry to Practice Exams on his first attempt. He has since been awarded the License to practice as an immigration consultant and he is currently an active member of ICCRC with the license number  R705545.

Stephen has held the position of a Settlement Officer with Saamis Immigration Services, an Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) funded settlement organization for two and a half years and later became the Financial Manager of the same organization. During these years, Stephen has worked with several Canadian Government Assisted Refugees from different countries and have developed a good relationship with all these individuals with a full understanding of their culture and interests.

Why  initial consultation is very important.

At DASK Immigration, we charge all our clients $150 for initial consultation for. Initial consultation is very crucial in giving clients the right information they need to make a concrete decision on how their current situation may enable them move to Canada, how easy or difficult their chances of getting a permit to move to Canada or what they need to do in order to increase their chances of getting a visa to Canada. With this promo we are running, you pay $0 dollars for the consultation you will get with no strings attached at all. We will go into details with you and will make sure we cover everything that needs to be covered.

Roland Agodzo and Family

​Without any knowledge in Express Entry, Stephen Awudi assisted me throughout me and my family's application process and we got approved and are now Permanent Residence holders of Canada.

​Esinam jeminma


​Stephen assisted me after my first study permit was refused in the UK. I lost hope and did not know what to do. Through a friend's referrals, Stephen assured me that he can represent me to submit a re-application, and surely he did and my study visa was approved and I am in Canada studying at Osgoode Law in York University

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s ​Get you and your family to Canada this Year!