Parents and Grandparents sponsorship during COVID-19

Family re-unification is one of the agendas for Canada in opening its doors to immigrants. As immigrants continue to make Canada their home and in the process contribute to the economic growth of this beautiful and culturally diverse country, the government of Canada recognizes that, family is an important part of everyone’s life and Parents and Grandparents are too. We have all gone through and continue to struggle during these difficult times of COVID-19. Travel restrictions have prevented people from visiting their parents and grandparents and that has put a lot of people in a stressful situation. In spite of the travel restrictions, the government Canada is still going ahead to allow Canadian Citizens and Permanent Resident holders to sponsor their parents and grandparents to come to Canada after meeting the eligibility requirements.

One major obstacle that prevents people to sponsor their parents and grandparents is the financial obligation that they need to prove. The acceptable way to prove your income level is to show three notice of assessments so this year’s sponsorship invitations that will be sent to eligible applicants to enable them sponsor their parents and grandparents will be the notice of assessment from 2018, 2019 and 2020. Usually the total amount as per family size increases each year but this year is different. The government acknowledges the difficult time of COVID-19 and the job losses people have experienced so there is actually a decrease in the amount of income to be shown in the 2020 notice of assessment. Below is a the income amount of money that you need to reflect in your notice of assessment to enable you to meet the eligibility requirement to sponsor either of parents, grandparents of all.


Total number of people you’ll be responsible for 2020 2019 2018
2 people $32,899 $41,007 $40,379
3 people $40,445 $50,414 $49,641
4 people $49,106 $61,209 $60,271
5 people $55,695 $69,423 68,358
6 people $62,814 $78,296 $77,095
7 people $69,935 $87,172 $85,835
If more than 7 people, for each additional person, add: $7,121 $8,876 $8,740