Canadian businesses who could not find anyone in Canada (Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents) with the right skill and experience to fill a job vacancy do extend their search overseas to fill available job openings. There are various requirements that need to be met by the Canadian company, such as obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to be used to hire a foreigner to come and work in Canada. The foreign worker will also have to meet certain requirements in order to be employed and be given a Canadian Work permit to come and work in Canada. We can assist you, the company, wanting to hire a foreign worker or you the foreigner, needing assistance to apply for a work permit after being offered a valid job offer.

Business professionals who come to Canada to do business under any of the trade agreements that Canada has with their prospective country of origin need to meet certain requirements before being granted entry to Canada. Examples of a free trade agreement are the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA-US, Mexico and Canada), Other Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) and General Agreement on Trades in Services (GAT’s). Business people who qualify under the NAFTA agreements can come to Canada as business visitors, intra-company transferee, a professional or traders and investors in Canada without the need for an LMIA. Other eligibility requirements need to be met to enable the applicant to get the required authorization to come to Canada.

Business visitors, on the other hand, are people who would like to come to Canada for a short period of time (stay up to 6 months) for a business meeting or participate in international business activity and do not need to be part of the Canadian Labour Market. These people do not require LMIA or Work permit because their activity will not impact the Canadian Labour Market.

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